For prostitutes, life is just a (lucrative) fantasy


“Do you ever have orgasms while working?” I asked a prostitute at a party. She laughs and thinks about the question. “Occasionally, yes.” She tells me that customers notice the clenching of her muscles when it happens. They say so in her online reviews. She says she’s also a good actress. I wonder how often she fakes it.

This prostitute is a member of a huge online community of prostitutes and customers that review each other and keep the practice relatively safe for all participants. Customers and workers alike know what to expect.

I follow up with, “Do you have customers that you absolutely hate having sex with?” She says that most people are fine. She says there is one particular customer in the community that she has been avoiding an appointment with. He is active in the community and is well known for being, well, repulsive.

Another Weekly blog discussed the devastating financial impact of the recession on the oldest profession in the world for one prostitute. I hear a different story from the prostitute I talked to. From a single regular customer she receives $900 twice a week. She is beautiful; voluptuous and naturally blond with a pretty face.

She used to be a stripper at one of Las Vegas' StripMart clubs. We discussed working there and the relative stress of stripping versus prostitution. Stripping is often stressful.

I don’t have a problem with prostitution whatsoever. It is a private matter between consenting adults. However, my view is limited because I’ve only been able to discuss the matter with the workers’ side of the industry. I don’t know the impact of prostitution on the lives of men who participate in this sort of exchange. Of course they would be reluctant to discuss that sort of thing. From my experience, people are highly capable of becoming consumed by their vices that had been harmless hobbies and men can become highly obsessed with women who play out their fantasies.


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