For bachelor parties, dancers have the beat down


It seems like my club has been hosting more bachelor parties recently. During a bachelor party (and sometimes birthdays) some clubs will allow the bachelor to be pulled onstage and get humiliated or teased in front of his friends by one or two strippers. It’s quite a spectacle and always great fun. I know I stop whatever I’m doing to watch the show. I’ve even participated once. The bachelor might get a lap dance by two strippers onstage. He might be blindfolded and handcuffed. I normally see strippers remove the guy’s belt and use it to leash him. Its just typical Vegas stuff and the activities vary slightly from club to club.

An interesting thing about these shows, however, is that they often involve some degree of violence in the form of whipping or spanking, sometimes with the guy’s own belt. I’ve seen women get very carried away, I mean, really taking out their man-hatred on these bachelors. I’ve seen strippers make the bachelor walk around on all fours (leashed by his own belt) and sometimes ride around on his back. That’s got to be a little dangerous, right? No one really cares until the bachelor’s fiancée gets involved.

There can be serious legal ramifications when the bachelor’s betrothed finds mysterious welts and bruises on her faithful fiancé’s butt the morning after the bachelor party. Women can be really jealous, you know?

I learned of these consequences one night at StripMart. I was primping in the locker room while there were bachelor party shenanigans unfolding onstage. A girl, who apparently had been a participant in the stage show, runs inside the locker room in hysterics. She is crying and being otherwise loud about something. I’m not concerned or surprised because this sort of behavior is a common occurrence in the locker room. I mind my own business, which at this time is just trying not to poke myself in the eye with mascara. The manager runs in behind her. He comes in trying to console her and sort out the mess. I’m not even sure why he cares. I’m guessing she is a favorite. She looks experienced. By experienced, I mean tanned to a leathery texture and having those implants like giant plastic spheres affixed to her chest. She goes on yelling, threatening to quit. She says something about the goddamn bouncer not being allowed to talk to her the way he talked to her. To my understanding, she had been spanking the daylights out of a bachelor on stage and the bouncer broke it up and scolded her. The manager explained that StripMart had been involved in a lawsuit after a show got violent and resulted in assault charges. He said the bouncers were not to let it happen again. She said the party not only did not mind the beatings but egged her on to administers them. I guess consent doesn’t make things legal. Imagine that.

So, fast-forward to another night at another club after another bachelor party beat-down session. I asked the manager, “What are the legal ramifications of assault?” He gives me a look like I’m being a killjoy. The manager responds “Do you really think he would press charges when all his friends had that much fun?” I say “Probably not, but he easily could.” He tells me, “Do me a favor and have another drink.”


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