Time for San Diego, comic books — and a civilian look at strip clubs


As I have already said, the summer is the slowest most miserable time in the service industry. I am taking a weekend off. I’m going to the San Diego Comic Convention. I’m very excited. It will be my first time to this huge convention, and my first time in San Diego as an adult. Perhaps I’ll check out the strip clubs there. I enjoy strip clubs as a civilian. The atmosphere can be a lot of fun when the pressure to maximize earnings in minimal time is not a concern.

I always feel guilty taking time off. I feel strange about not accomplishing something every day, whether that means making more money or reading a book. They say for every day you don’t take a step forward, you take a step back. I don’t know who says that but it makes sense. Becoming better every day reinforces the possibility of being a valuable person. Perhaps there is too much pressure on women to feel like they need to do everything and look good doing it. On the contrary, I’ve met a great deal of people who don’t have any drive to attain anything except instant gratification.

Anyway, I’m taking the weekend of the convention off and I’ll be working double shifts until then. I’ll also be writing papers and reading books. It will be twice the nudity and triple the homework. It will all be worth it when I’m lost in San Diego at geek parties.


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