Job benefits include loose dress code, cultural studies

Sometimes, I'm pretty sure I have the best job in the world. I run around in my underwear with my friends and we drink ourselves into oblivion. I don't wear much more clothing at home by myself than what I wear when I'm at work, and no one is paying me at home. I really only get dressed for the commute to and from work. The real world is a menace!

Perhaps my last blog item hinted that I might have a negative attitude toward this line of work, and that I'm only in it for the money. This is simply not the case. While my job is not perfect, I really do enjoy it. It's an amazing study on the many varied cultures of the world. Vegas has tourists visiting from practically every country on Earth, and I get to interview them intimately. I've learned behavioral consistencies that are specific to certain regions, and I've learned what appeals to different cultures. I do feel that this job has improved me.

Another one of the fantastic aspects of my job is that I don't have a schedule. I can decide not to work on the same night I had planned to work, without reason, and with out notifying anyone. I can go on vacation for months and waltz back in on my 6-inch heels like I never missed a shift.

I won't deny that the money is a huge factor. It is unbelievable sometimes. It’s easy to make $2,000-3,000 over the weekend. (If the IRS is asking, I meant $200 or $300 … a month. ) A few days ago, I worked a 3-hour shift, made $500 dollars and left. I was a little irritated because I should have worked harder and made more money, but another stripper consoled me by saying, "Five hundred dollars in three hours? That's like 75 dollars an hour!"

Then I felt better about myself, because at least I was able to divide, and I also remembered that if anything, the job is amusing.


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