Dancer/UNLV student not stripped of point of view

Illustration: Justice

On a typical night, my breasts are exposed and I’m grinding on a man nearly twice my age. Because I’m age 22, a good percentage of Las Vegas tourists fit into that age demographic, or at least in my world they do. They’re going gray. They wear stupid Hawaiian shirts, and convention passes hang from their necks. They provide me with more money than I’ll ever make in the real world. I will be graduating from college with no student loan debt.

As I grind and tease, I’m moving in time to the music. He and I both hate this song, but I’ll tell him, “It’s my favorite song!” and I’d love to keep dancing for him. I’m probably drunk. I change positions while still dancing. I stand and lean in closer so I can get a better look at my watch. While my breasts distract him, I check the glow-in-the-dark hands to see how much time I have to sober up before the end of my shift. I’ll dance off the alcohol. I have school in a few hours. Although I’m in college, I get the feeling that I drink more than most people my age.

I can be naked onstage with hundreds of strangers watching but I still get nervous about presenting a PowerPoint presentation to a bunch of overachieving freshmen at UNLV. I’m a senior there. My final required classes are advanced elective courses that don’t even pertain to my major. The freshmen in my classes are laying the groundwork for solidly stellar GPA’s. I, on the other hand, am so close to the end that my main concern is just to pass. I have a terminal case of senioritis and sometimes it acts up so bad that I can’t get out of bed.

What an unlikely world to fall into. Growing up, I was not a pretty girl. I was also exceptionally socially awkward. I managed to be an elementary school student who played by herself in the anthills at recess when every other little girl was part of a flock of dolls in pastel colors. I spent high school lunch breaks by myself in the library until about senior year. What I’ve always appreciated about being by myself is that I feel like most people can’t stimulate me. On that note, it’s very odd that I’d take a job where I am required to interact with so many people. Perhaps I treat them like specimens. I have acquired enough money to sometimes ask people inappropriate questions about their personal lives.

With this blog, I will share the dark, unusual, sometimes disgusting but always entertaining stories of the fabulous Las Vegas strip-club world.


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