Did Halloween costume work? Oui oui!


Halloween weekend turned out to be fun and profitable. There was so much buildup that I am thinking I might even have post-Halloween depression. With all the costumes, candy and being scared out of your mind, who wouldn’t need a moment to decompress? I chose to work on Halloween because I cannot contain my good mood and positive energy and that often translates into a really good night. Customers like happy strippers and since I am such a curmudgeon on most days, I could really use the extra money. There are also more people who are out on the town so why wouldn’t I?

Of course I went to work in costume. I went as a European house servant. My outfit was tight and black with white ruffles. It even had an apron. It was quite a success if you ask me. As I had expected, other girls wore a variety of slutty super-hero/cheerleader/sexy banana costumes. I love to see people parading around as their alter egos.

A few customers were also wearing costumes. On one day, Darth Vader walked into a strip club wearing his big black plastic helmet and the cape. I was very amused. He is very nice in person but watch his hands.

Some strip clubs have strict “No Costume” rules. No costumes for strippers or for customers. Last year, I wore a costume to one of those strip clubs anyway. As I might have mentioned, strip clubs aren’t notorious for enforcing their “strict” rules. It was either their lack of interest in keeping a tight rein or my costume was so bad that no one realized I had one on. It was like a sexy bondage-Nazi-mafia-chauffeur conglomeration. I just put on miscellaneous pieces of pin stripe stuff and straps and a sort of police man hat.

This year’s Halloween, I was more prepared and my costume was instantly recognizable. No one asked, “What are you supposed to be?” The costume even prompted people to talk to me in a French accent. Oui oui!


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