Justice unmasked at Fetish and Fantasy Halloween Ball


The time, around Halloween, is the best time of year. The weather becomes perfect. Business begins to improve. Most importantly, however, is the sudden abundance of debaucherous costume parties. Costume parties and contests encourage crowds of people to out-do each other’s creativity. Like a mini-annual Renaissance, people abandon their usual modesty and come out in droves wearing their most highly adorned and extravagant ensembles. It is an incredible environment, especially in Las Vegas where debauchery and flamboyance are already part of the culture. It would make sense that the greatest costume party in the world is held in Las Vegas and of course, it is. The annual Fetish and Fantasy Halloween Ball draws thousands of people from around the world to its well- known celebration.

I was ecstatic that I was going this year. For the past two years, time or financial constraints have been an issue and I had to miss the ball. I decided after graduation that this year is all about liberty and Justice. I was not going to miss anything this year. I got VIP tickets and huge unwieldy, poke-your-eye-out, sparkly wings as part of my outfit. Fishnets and cleavage were also important parts of my ensemble. I was blessed to have the perfect date (accessory) too. My previous date for the 2005 ball was on ecstasy and I ended up babysitting him, so this year’s date was a drastic improvement. My date was a stripper with an open mind and a tight black rubber outfit that unzipped in the front. She is knowledgeable of the rules and etiquette pertaining to the BDSM (Bondage, Domination, Sadism and Masochism) community and its rituals. That was certainly appropriate and helpful. Though it is often believed that the people engaging in BDSM acts like flogging, bondage and humiliation are “sickos”, the scene is highly based on respect, consent and mental stimulation.

There were cops at the ball supervising the torture demonstrations and making sure that people didn’t offend each other by breaking indecent exposure laws. To my understanding, activities like flogging are illegal in most states, including Nevada, even if it happens between consenting adults. I guess the laws were suspended just this one time because the cops were all in a row watching the torture show. One of them turns to us, “Can you believe she actually likes being spanked like that?”

Oh, we believe it.

Another thing that is inherently a part of getting dressed up in silly clothes and going out in public is humor. Humor is among the best parts of these gatherings. You absolutely must have the ability to laugh at yourself and others to fully enjoy such an event. We are all willing to set aside our pride and just be goof balls.

Consent, respect, and humor are what I believe are lacking in the typical Las Vegas nightclub scene. As I mentioned in a previous blog, I am not a fan of those nightclub events. Though superficially, the Fetish and Fantasy Halloween ball is another crowded, over-priced party, the friendly and respectful people at the ball are drastically more appealing to me. That makes all the difference. We met many interesting people, took many incriminating pictures with them and laughed all night long, until the music went off and the lights came on. Mission complete.


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