Xerxes: Gay, or merely fashion-literate?


While leaning against the bar at work, I found myself in a conversation with a man who was so undistinguished, I cannot remember what he looked like at all. He could have been fat or thin, foreign or domestic. I couldn’t confirm either way. I do remember that he drew my attention to a man that I will recall as a memorable character in my time as a stripper. Work can be unbearably monotonous if you let these simple gems slip away from your attention. Mr. Undistinguished discreetly pointed out, with a head nod in the direction of the point of interest, the man who was standing behind me. He directed my attention, specifically, to the floor underneath the bar. I was greeted by a pair of large, high-heeled, golden sandals. It was not a choice of shoe I would have made for personal use but tacky over-the-top style is in no shortage at any strip club. The shoes were only out of place because they were being worn by a man.

The lady-shoes man was also wearing women’s jewelry. He had been wearing gold hoop earrings and a gold nose ring. He was, however, dressed like a man. He was wearing a button-up striped shirt and a pair of slacks. The accessories made the ensemble very feminine, though.

Several times through out the night I had heard from strippers and patrons alike. “Have you seen the movie, 300?” at which point they would describe this lady-shoes guy in the club and his striking resemblance to the character Xerxes from the movie. I suppose I could see the resemblance with the dark complexion of racial ambiguity, bald head and gold women’s jewelry.

A common progression of thought is to assume he is gay. I admit I let my mind strongly suspect that to be the case. Dealing with transgendered and transvestite people in my life, I’ve learned that gender and sexuality do not necessarily determine each other. I’ve met cross dressing men who are strictly straight. Lady-shoes man was one of them.

After a brief conversation, I let him know that he was all the buzz in the club. I needed my suspicions confirmed or denied so I investigated. “So honestly, I’m kind of curious … Are you gay?” He laughed and told me he wasn’t. It turns out he was just from L.A. and people there are different.

He bought at least one dance from me. If arousal is any indicator of sexual preference, I’d say he is certainly straight. Friction can provide the same effect sometimes, too. And maybe he wasn’t straight and he was trying to prove it by getting a lap dance from a woman? What business of mine is it anyway? It is all just curiosity. You just never know what will turn someone on. Oh, the world and its many mysteries will keep me entertained for a while longer.


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