Feeling sick, but not so sick as to not eagerly return to the stage


I record my class lectures and turn them into mp3s. I organize the mp3s into playlists, grouping all the lectures for a particular exam into one playlist. Naturally, the recorder picks up a lot of unnecessary sounds like other students’ stupid questions, their stupid opinions and their ringing phones. The most unnerving thing that the recorder picks up, however, is the sound of each sneeze.

Last week, I was knocked on my ass by a flu. As I type, I’m supposed to be at work but I am, instead, at home listening to my class lectures. Lectures from last week, before I was sick. I hear people sneezing, spewing the virus into the air and I wonder, oh how I wonder, if I have recorded the sound of the one sneeze that got me as sick as I am.

I’m on the sixth day of the flu and I still have muscle pain all over, and my lymph nodes are swollen and hard like frozen grapes.

I haven’t missed any school, though. I can’t have a missing chunk of my playlist, you know? And hey if everyone is sick, who am I hurting by taking the virus to school?

I’m listening to the lecture recordings now and I just heard a pretty intense cough. It sounded like it was right near me. Yuck.

I lost almost 10 pounds since getting sick. That is a good thing since I will be stripping again soon. I just needed a break, like I said. I planned on stripping as soon as this weekend since the rodeo was in town, and nothing else is happening in town until New Year’s Eve. I will be sleeping this weekend though.


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