Upon return, bemoaning misplaced discretionary income

It has been a while since I last updated. Like I said, I have begun to strip again after my brief break. The first day back was perfect. I had a really nice customer. I hate to use the word “sucker,” but it comes to mind when someone gives away so much for so little in return. He wouldn’t buy dances from any other dancer the entire night and only bought them from me in the much higher priced VIP room. I even took him to the “too private” room that I typically avoid. He was obedient, docile, and infatuated enough that it wasn’t going to be a problem. I didn’t even have to take my top off.

The subsequent days have been bad though. It’s simply that time of year again, when men are spending their discretionary income on their families and not on their laps. Over the weekend I had a day when I only made $21. Man, we hate to admit those numbers, but we all have those days and those days are too common lately. The strippers at clubs are far outnumbering customers.

We huddle and wait at the club’s entrance, like a litter of abandoned puppies with fake eyelashes and high heels. In late December, the only thing coming in through the door is a cold gust of wind from the quiet industrial area outside. The club is the only business open in sight. A temple of sparkling neon amid the darkened streets full of boxy storage places and garages all fenced in with barbed wire.

The light at the end of the tunnel is New Year’s Eve. We impatiently await the rush of tourists. It will be a nice change to have something besides cold wind coming through the door.


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