CineVegas leaves memories of emotional pictures

So I never made it back to work over the weekend. I was too busy taking advantage of the open-bar parties at CineVegas. Every morning from Thursday to Monday I regretted being alive, but my spirits were quickly lifted at happy hour. A full day of throbbing headaches, feverish sweating and delirious nightmares and I’m almost feeling healthy again.

CineVegas really is one of my favorite things ever. It’s like Christmas morning all night long for several days. I didn’t even watch any movies and I still had a blast. I know there were fantastic films being projected in the dark rooms of Brenden Theaters but I never found the motivation to leave the colorful, loungy CineVegas headquarters. They had big shaggy pillows, purple couches and endless top shelf vodka in there. It was like heaven. Also, to cater to my passive exhibitionist nature, I sat on the purple couch in front of the live CineVegas Webcam, which was viewable online. Some guy even approached me to say that his brother, who was on the phone, saw me online and wanted to say hi to the girl on the couch. I waved to the camera.

I definitely overdid the drinking, though. More than one of these fantastic parties ended in tears for me. Personal issues on the home front made it especially tempting for me to over indulge in the blessed fountains of booze. To be cryptic, I’m unpleasantly surprised to find out that I still have the ability to get very emotionally hurt. I’m clearly never going to be completely safe from getting physically hurt, either, I’ve been reminded. I have a collection of several suspicious bruises and I couldn’t tell you how they came to be. It’s all a blur but I highly suspect foul play.

All in all, it was a great film festival. I’m sure the films were nice too. Perhaps I’ll see you there next year?


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