StripperMobile: An ideal way to establish pole position

I think the short-lived StripperMobile was fantastic. It is, unfortunately, no longer on the streets, even though now the owner says it will be back. I’m not even sure how long it was around. I believe that it went away within a week of me first knowing about it. Did you ever get a chance to see it? It was a car that drove around advertising Déjà Vu Showgirls but it is unlike any other advertisement in Vegas. In the back of the car, instead of a boring billboard with scantily clad women on it, there are real live strippers in a Plexiglas room complete with a stripper pole in the center. The girls hang out in the room doing pole tricks while the car drives around in tourist locations. My thoughts are that this was an incredibly creative and hilarious way to advertise a strip club. It’s great. It’s some really cool performance art. It’s like those platform shoes with goldfish inside them but on a larger scale and with hot girls and no water or fish.

Upon reading in the Las Vegas Sun about the StripperMobile, I was shocked by the controversy. I wasn’t surprised by the legal issues surrounding the existence of the StripperMobile. It is understandable that there is concern that the car is unsafe for both the “passengers” and for other drivers on the road being distracted by the strippers.

My shock and disappointment comes from the puritan views expressed in the comments. “People with children vacation in Vegas” one person commented, implying that this type of advertisement is inappropriate for them to see. Whether it is or isn’t, the bombardment of sex and nudity in other forms of advertisement on the Strip, I believe, make the StripperMobile relatively mild since the passengers all have their private parts completely covered. Seeing a flock of ladies on the way to a nightclub will likely give you as much of an eyeful.

Who brings their kids to Vegas anyway? You’ve got to expect them to see some pretty risqué stuff if you’re going to take them for a stroll in the heart of Sin City. It’s the sort of thing that happens in Vegas. It stays here but it’s not a secret.


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