It’s not quite time to paint Black Bird’s tummy, but it is time to hang that G-string

I'm in Alaska with my best friend, a pregnant stripper who I met in Vegas. We flew out a few days ago and have been working since the day we landed and haven't taken a single day off.

My friend has one of the most interesting childhoods I've heard of. Her mother was a high-price prostitute in Vegas in the early ’90s. My friend's early years were spent living in hotel suites and eating room service funded by her mother's clients.

She tells me that her mom would blow thousands of dollars on designer dresses and trays and trays of room service that she'd barely eat. She traveled and generously entertained her friends. She blew it all. I'm told she got $400,000 from one client in little over a year.

My friend tells me that her mother, on several occasions throughout her childhood, would drop her off somewhere and say she'd be right back, to go to the store to get milk or something, and then disappear for months on drugged-out “business” trips.

Black Bird, a nickname I call my friend (the meaning is a story for the next blog), is about three months along in her pregnancy now. Inside the locker room, I push gently on the hard area developing in her lower abdomen. "Feel that?" she asks.

I've been with her since the beginning of the pregnancy and I've been watching her body change. She has lost weight from the nausea and vomiting. Her nipples turned dark purple like they were dead and frost-bitten. They're thick and erect, and we once hung a G-string on her nipple and took a picture.

I'm going to paint pictures on her stomach when she's big and round. I'll paint it like a watermelon, green and pink. Or like a yellow sun with wavy rays.

We take too many breaks, me (White Buffalo) and Black Bird. We're always in the locker room, laughing and fixing our makeup. We'll sit at the bar interacting with no one but each other. She used to be my favorite drinking buddy. Maybe because she's half Irish and half American Indian?

Though I miss a drunken Black Bird, I'm proud of her for quitting drinking cold turkey the day she peed on a stick and confirmed her suspicion. Now I'm drinking for two.


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