She has the hair of an oil spill, but she is not wrecking my night

As I got up to walk away from a table of guys who didn’t buy any dances, I came face-to- face with an angry, Mexican stripper. Black shiny hair like an oil spill, tiny dark cat eyes, high cheek bones and the most obvious nose job you’ve ever seen on anyone. It looked like pinched clay. She started screaming at me. “What you did was WRONG! NEVER do that sh*t to me!” She went on telling me that if I do it again she was going to kick my ass. I was stunned. Speechless. She turned to walk away and I just started laughing. She caught me laughing and threw in another threat only she’s even more pissed because I was laughing. I kind of wanted her to fight me. It would have made the night less boring if I got to snap a ho in two.

She was mad at me because she felt that I cut her off. We approached a group of guys together and she was about to talk to the guy I wanted to talk to. He had been checking me out and it looked like an easy sale. I asked her if I could try him first and it was no big deal. She let me. I didn’t demand it and if she would have said no, I would have been fine with that too. But she let me and I did. That’s my side of the story.

I see her glaring at me while I’m onstage now. Her spidery face scowling. I catch her around the club pouty and miserable. The most annoying thing I could do to her is look like I’m having a great night.

I have seen more explosive confrontations this year than any other. I know there is just a lot of tension since there are fewer customers and diminished customer quality. Oddly enough, lately I’ve had some of my most financially rewarding nights in years. Perhaps it’s a thing about staying positive while everyone else is giving up.


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