Single moms lose their jobs — all in the interest of public safety

It is my understanding that the girls who got arrested during last week’s lovely visit from the police were arrested for what they said, not for what they did. I guess they agreed to give extras for a certain amount of money. I don’t know for sure. I heard from someone who heard from someone else who talked to one of the arrested women. It is also my understanding that all the women who were arrested also got fired from the club. That probably sucks the most. The fact that the club is unwilling to consider the possibility that there was a misunderstanding is really sad.

A reader commented that my question about whether or not cops feel like assholes when they screw over hard working people was a dumb question. The dumbest question, actually. I believe it’s a totally legitimate thing to wonder. A young person with a GED and no other plans for life becomes a police officer for the security and super awesome benefits and right away the pressure is on him (or her!) to be a merciless super douche.

When they get good at low-level super douchey-ness, they progress into specialized forms of harassment in branches like vice. They, perhaps, know as individuals that no one is being harmed in the event of a lap dance or a little harmless flirting but the pressure is on them to look like their work is effective. So they do it.

I’m not making excuses for them. I just think that I couldn’t sleep at night if I did something so horrible to so many undeserving workers. A lot of single moms lost their jobs that night. It makes sense to wonder if at least a few of those cops feel like assholes.


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