St. Patrick’s Day: A time to drink, reflect … and drink

I don’t believe I’ve ever worked on St.Patrick’s Day. It’s my favorite holiday after Halloween. I love holidays where people dress up like crazies and drink way too much. In the spirit of things, that’s what I’ll be doing today. Also, I’m Catholic (or was) so why wouldn’t I love St.Patrick’s Day?

Most everything else is going relatively well. I got a fantastic lawyer who totally put me at ease as far as my case is concerned. My ticket is such a low level ticket (on the same level as having your dog off a leash or playing your music too loud) that I shouldn’t be especially worried. He did, however, tell me that another ticket would basically make my case exponentially more complicated. So I’m laying low.

In other non-news, I miss my brother a lot. We communicate online but it’s not the same. He is blogging from China and the blog is so entertaining. I forget how funny he is. Or maybe I just think he’s funny because we have the exact same sense of humor. He also posted pictures of himself on the Wall of China and of the weird things in his new apartment. I didn’t really have plans to visit him because I’ve been to China enough times to know that I’d rather visit any other country beside it. I have never seen the Great Wall in person though. We’ll see.


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