Still collecting money at the club, but (for now) with the top on

Since I can’t risk getting another ticket (and it is a matter of pure chance to get another one while stripping), I’ve gone back to cocktail waitressing for a little while now. Work has been incredibly busy with the mass hysteria of March Madness. I’ve been earning what I would on a night of stripping. As cool as that sounds, I’m also kind of bitter that I just can’t be dancing right now.

For a little more rain on my parade, I get asked constantly for lap dances when I am a waitress. The money is there for me and I can’t have it. I turned down $100 for a single lap dance on my last shift. I have to decline, of course. I’m the waitress. “What about on your break?” the same customer asked. Jeez.

I was happy to be a waitress when it was my own choice to take a break from dancing. Now, although I’m absolutely grateful to have the option to work as a waitress, I am bitter that dancing is not an option. The fact that it all happened by a stroke of bad luck makes me really angry.

So for now, I’ll listen to the strippers talking about how much money they made and know that it could have been mine. It is a depressing thing to know.

My feet are still in throbbing pain from my last shift and I have to be at work in 10 hours for a 10-hour shift. I should get some sleep soon.

By the way, St.Patrick’s Day went as planned. I drank way too much, stayed out too late, and I peed in public like a common goat. Then I had breakfast with my girlfriend who had just gotten off work. She filled me in on the gossip of her club. A delightful evening, overall. I’m a fairly happy camper despite the circumstances.


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