Infamous credit card ‘ring leader’ is still stripping customers

Remember the story about the credit card fraud at the strip club? That story concluded with the firing of nearly all members involved. Though that was the end of their employment at one club, they were not nearly finished with their plans to rob people. The “ring leader” of the credit card scam is alive and well and working at another Las Vegas strip club.

I keep my nose out of it for the most part, but I can’t help getting drawn into the gossip. It is interesting to hear her name on everyone’s lips. Everyone wonders how she manages to pull in thousands of dollars nightly when everyone else makes a fraction of that amount.

So I explain how she tips out enough money to gain the cooperation of bouncers, management and cashiers. They all allow her to make multiple charges to an unknowing customer, among her other antics.

I heard that she charged $80,000 to one credit card on one night recently. I also heard that one of her techniques was to add a few zeros to the end of a number on a credit card slip to get to such an exorbitant amount. I hear a lot about her. She’s kind of legendary. I also heard she doesn’t like that I’m working at her club. After all, she did get fired from her favorite and most lucrative club after my blog about her scam was sent to it. It’s not my fault, though. She was stealing. I just wrote about it.


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