Play (dirty) in the snow!

It’s not quite as raunchy as we like it, but if you squint and use your imagination…
Photo: Justin M. Bowen

What is about pristine, glittering snow that makes us want to befoul it with yellow liquids (that ain’t no Sno-cone) and shape it into odd objects?

As we gleefully watched yesterday’s snow pile up, we came across a YouTube gem featuring some erotic snow sculpting shot at our own Mount Charleston.

The video, which is actually from last winter, shows off a giant snow penis (think woolly mammoth, not Andre the Giant), erected by a few local ladies on the hill. And here’s the best part: They animated it.

Obscene snow art - from

Not only did the girls build a snow cock – because face it, drawing/sculpting penises will never be passé – but they also gave the frigid genitalia some hot action. With one girl crouched behind the monument, another girl stroked it up and down giving it a gloved hand job until, with snow shooting out the top, the video and the penis both reached their inevitable climax.

Yesterday’s epic storm brought out a new crop of snow cock sculptors who showcased their work in Henderson on Windmill Parkway between Green Valley Parkway and North Valley Verde Drive. We’ve yet to see any video footage of these displays, but anyone who can simulate the face-to-face fandango using only snow, gets a free copy of Las Vegas Weekly.

If you’ve got any naughty snow art you’d care to share, send it to [email protected] and we just might make you famous.

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