New Years by the numbers

16 Number of online staffers that will be crawling through the party spots, street celebrations and spilled beer to bring back words and images of the big night.

7 Number of staff-held video cameras simultaneously capturing the scene and trying to avoid flying beverages.

10,000 Number of promotional cards ordered to direct drunken revelers to

Too many Number of times we’ll still have to scream, “I’M WITH LAS VEGAS WEEKLY.”

2 Number of clubs opening on New Year’s Eve.

$12,000 Price of three-liter bottle of Cristal champagne available at N9NE Steakhouse for that “I want to buy the whole restaurant a drink” moment.

15 Approximate number of times the words “greased” and “pole” were mentioned in a pre-New Year’s Eve planning meeting.

4 Number of early morning hours it takes Clark County workers to block the Strip off to traffic before December 31.

6 Number of K’s in the names of the Kardashian sisters hosting a NYE party at LAX.

2 Number of K’s that should be “C”s according to conventional spellings.

8 Number of e-mails exchanged in order to set up a follow-the-mayor video shoot and story for New Year’s Eve.

Also 8 The over/under on the number of Bombay Sapphire martinis we expect Oscar Goodman to consume throughout the night.


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