All grown up, Kids in the Hall still offend (phew)

The Kids in the Hall.

The Kids in the Hall may now be bonafide grown-ups but that doesn’t mean their distinct brand of humor has lots its unrefined charm.

On Friday at The Comedy Festival at Caesars Palace, The Kids demonstrated that despite an extended hiatus, the troupe is just as offensive as ever. The Canadian quintet can still make us laugh until our guts hurt and blush like schoolgirls.

The following is just a sampling of the off-color and controversial content discussed during their show.

- The possibility/ likelihood that Jesus Christ was gay.

- Going back in time to grab a beer with Hitler.

- Celebrating and smoking crystal meth – with a unicorn pipe, no less.

- A gay man statutory raping a female foreign exchange student.

- Finger screwing fat chicks.

- Insinuating fellatio onstage.

- Calling all Jewish men “half gay anyway.”

- Joking about Islam’s highest prophet and holy messenger: “Take that, Mohammed!”


Melissa Arseniuk

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