The story of a boy (in this case, Donny Osmond) and his Porsche (well, actually, Don Marrandino’s Porsche)

A stray anecdote from Donny Osmond from last night’s red carpet at the Agassi Grand Slam for Children. Mr. A Little Bit Rock ’n’ Roll was asked about what it’s like to have his image, along with that of Marie Osmond, splashed across several floors of the Flamingo on the hotel-casino's impossible-to-miss building wrap.

“Isn’t it the coolest thing ever?” Donny said, not waiting for the obvious answer, which would be, “Probably so, yes, Donny.”

He continued, “It stops me every time I drive past it. Yesterday, I actually stole (Flamingo President) Don Marrandino’s Porsche out of the garage and I was driving past it, and I thought, ‘How many people get to steal the president’s Porsche, and drive past the building with his image on the side of the building.”

And I thought, wait, Donny Osmond is driving Don Marrandino’s Porsche without permission? Wha-a? Donny explained further: “Don leaves his keys in a certain place, and I know where he leaves them.”

And so he takes the car. Donny Osmond, Grand Theft Auto.

There are few ways to look at this episode. I choose to view it from Marrandino’s point of view. I would expect if someone had told Don Marrandino, when he was a kid, that someday Donny Osmond would be stealing his Porsche for a spin up the Las Vegas Strip , he would have said something like, “You smoking something?”

As we say, only in Vegas …

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