Get your cheapo chicken here!


Update: The Weekly has been informed that though we are doing some punking of our own; we too have been punked this April Fools Day. Not to discourage you from a downtown excursion this evening, but we have discovered the Hennessey's Tavern's "25-cent boneless chicken dinner" is actually just a hard boiled egg and the "glass of beer for five cents" equals a shot of beer. Technically, no one has told an untruth, though I think we really fell for it this time.

When people say gullible is written on the ceiling, I’m the one who always looks up. So, when I heard that Hennessey’s Tavern downtown was offering 25-cent chicken dinners and nickel glasses of beer I immediately began panhandling for change. Or, actually just digging in my purse. Then I noticed the date of the one-day-only special: April 1st. There I go playing the fool again.

Hennessey's is offering its own economic stimulus package: 25 cent chicken tenders and five cent beers.

Except it’s no joke. Hennessey’s Tavern will be offering boneless chicken dinners for a quarter. Manager Andrew Northam says, “It’s because of the economy. We thought we would give people a break.” In addition to the great food special, Hennessey’s lager will be deeply discounted, too. Each glass of beer will only set you back five cents. Irish and classic rock cover band Old Castle Knights will take the stage at 9 p.m., and for those not as hurt by the economic downturn, the normal happy hour special of a 64-ounce beer for $13 will still be available from 4-7 p.m. Just remember: You’ve saved a lot on your food and drinks, so you have enough left over for a cab!


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