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Meet Nathan Minor. You can call him Adonis.

I have several questions prepared for Nathan Minor, a built, dirty blonde 33-year-old Chippendales dancer and personal trainer when I meet him at the Las Vegas Athletic Club for a workout. Important health questions like, “Are squats or lunges more effective in building a bodacious, traffic-stopping ass?”

But really I just want to know one thing: Do his clients come onto him during sweaty one-on-ones at the lateral pulldown? Because I could definitely see that happening.

Chippendales Workout

Minor admits that he has fielded his share of lust-struck fans, both women and men. “I try to keep my two jobs separate—I want them to be trying to get in shape, not trying to get in my pants.”

Minor moved to Las Vegas from his hometown of Columbus, Ohio over a decade ago. He has been soliciting drool with a low-slung cummerbund, cowboy denim and a construction worker tool belt at the Rio’s famous male revue for a good seven years, but, has been with Chippendales for more than ten. For the past year, he has also been working full-time at the LVAC (Green Valley and Southwest locations) as a personal trainer.

To maintain his physique, Minor hits the gym at least five days a week in addition to the time he puts in as a trainer. He dances seven nights a week (Chippendales recently added Wednesday nights) and is an involved, happy father.

“She keeps me out of trouble,” Minor says with a grin.


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The dancer officially obliterated the preconception I had of chiseled, symmetrical, square-jawed entertainers. He isn’t hotter-than-thou. He is smiley, sweet and down-to-earth, more like an Ohio farm boy than a Vegas player.

You can catch Minor onstage—Chippendales tickets for locals are only $20 until May 31st—or you can book him for a session. Minor charges $40 per session (or $100 for 3 sessions/week). “I’m cheap,” he says, noting that some trainers charge $100/hour. "It's not always about the money. I just want to help people get healthy.”

Or you can just hope you run into him at the LVAC, which is what I plan to do. Don’t worry, Minor, I’ll stop short of following you home.

A few of Nathan's tips:

• Eat five to six small meals a day, comprised of protein (meat and cheese) and fiber (fruits and vegetables). Drink tons of water. The most important meals are breakfast and immediately following a workout. This is common sense, but, stay away from candy and soda!

• Make sure you are striving for symmetry in your muscle building efforts. You see a lot of guys doing the beach body workout—huge upper body, skinny legs. You should exercise arms and legs evenly, switching off every other day.

• A woman can work out just as hard as a man. I do not alter my workout regimen for a woman; we do the same sets and target the same muscles. I do, however, tailor it to the level an individual can handle. Women and men should work out upper and lower body equally. Women will not get unattractively bulky because they do not have enough testosterone. The only thing I do differently is I don’t work out women’s chests, for obvious reasons.

• To target cellulite and get a nice butt, do lunges and again, drink water, not soda.

• To get in shape, you should work out at least three times a week, with 30 minutes of cardio and an hour of strength training. Every day, alternate the muscle groups you target (i.e. legs one day, abs the other).

• Be patient. Results will happen, and they will be drastic, but it takes time. For a person who is relatively in shape, it might take as little as a month to get in prime condition, but for an overweight person, it will take three to six months. However, even in just a week you can lose five pounds. So get going now!


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