Bull riding and stripping: 5 awesome uses for a Snuggie

Photo: April Corbin

Commercials for this year's hottest holiday gift, the Snuggie, show smiling white people playing board games, answering the phone and doing other menial tasks previously impossible during the cold winter months. But the blanket with sleeves' uses don't end there.

SnugCrawl, a pub crawl/tweet-up held downtown Friday night demonstrated this, and we've got photographic proof:

Leach Blog Photo

Riding a mechanical bull at Las Vegas Country Saloon has never looked so cozy. The Snuggie's fleece keeps you warm, in case the fear and adrenaline pumping through your body just aren't enough.

Leach Blog Photo

The enlarged "wizard sleeves" on the Snuggie allow for just the right amount of airflow while playing slot machines.

Leach Blog Photo

We're not sure which is weirder: donning a Snuggie outside of your home or being a full-on cowboy in Las Vegas after NFR has left town.

Leach Blog Photo

Snuggies may have been created to help people cover up and stay toasty, but that doesn't mean they can't be sexy. This Snuggie color may be branded as "camel," but we know that's just code for "skin."

Leach Blog Photo

Snuggies may keep you warm on the outside, but snuggling with someone as you walk down the street in a cult parade keeps you warm on the inside.


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