At MAGIC, even a slip of the nip is stylish

Avoiding wardrobe malfunctions with flair, that’s what Nippies are all about.
Photo: Sarah Feldberg

Surrounded by booths hawking tribal patterned silk dresses, printed cotton tops and form-fitting blouses, Greg Blanc is selling stickers at MAGIC Marketplace 2009. But not just any old adhesive; Blanc’s wares aren’t scratch ‘n’ sniff, bumper blazers or those icky oily patches. Made by Venice, Calif.-based Bristols 6, these stickers are specially made to ride on skin and cover up a pesky patch of darkened flesh that ladies loath to show. These are Nippies.

Snake Charms, the colorful stars on top, are a big seller for Bristol 6 in Las Vegas.

Dubbed “the patch of freedom,” the patches are sold in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and patterns. For a conservative look, there is a butterfly patterned in flesh-colored lace or a wide X in beige satin. For ladies who prefer to flaunt their bra-lessness, Nippies also come in racier shades – tiger printed stars or shimmering silver hearts. The gold and pink snake print stars are particularly popular in Vegas, Bristols 6 international sales chief Blanc says.

Functional and decorative, they’re available locally at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and the Palms. Blanc mentions that our city offers the perfect occasions for Nippies usage: nightclubs where low cut dresses may end up showing off a bit too much or pool parties where the patches help walk the line between topless and, well, topped.


“(They’re) for girls who want to strip for their boyfriends,” Blanc says. “And dancers, of course.”

Drawing some attention at MAGIC Marketplace 2009, the Bristols 6 booth serves up a variety of styling tapes – adhesive assistants that help women avoid wardrobe malfunctions and stay inside their outfits, at least as much as they want.

Hem Tape, a double-sided adhesive, provides a temporary hem on pants that have yet to hit the tailor, and Stylin’ Tape secures high hemlines or low necklines with minimal slippage. But it is the brightly colored Nippies that have been seen on the likes of preferred fashion client no. 1 Paris Hilton.

However, not everyone may find a need for a purple butterfly nipple sticker.

“In Vegas sometimes they want (their nipples) to show,” Blanc says with a laugh.

Photo of Sarah Feldberg

Sarah Feldberg

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