Chuck Liddell shows off fancy footwork

The pink really brings out Liddell’s eyes.

Chuck Liddell is a UFC fighter, not a fashion icon, and here’s why: The Affliction-loving Iceman showed up for his post-UFC 100 party on Saturday wearing flip-flops.

Granted, the party was held in Planet Hollywood’s fairly casual Playing Field Lounge and not at Privé nightclub, but considering Las Vegas is a city where partiers are often turned away because their $120 cross-trainers don’t meet the dress code, Liddell’s Adidas-clad feet made a statement.

Yet, it was the 39-year-old’s toes that truly spoke out. Or, more specifically, his toenails.

Liddell apparently celebrated his induction into the UFC Hall of Fame on Friday with a rather interesting pedicure.

The fighter’s toenails were painted black – nine out of ten of them, at least. Odd? Perhaps. But as far as men painting their toenails is concerned, black is probably the manliest shade of polish a guy could choose.

However, the tenth toenail – the one on his left foot’s big toe – was pink. And not just any pink: It was lacquered in Barbie doll pink polish.

Leach Blog Photo

This little piggie went to play in the Barbie Suite?

Rather than a bold fuchsia or punchy peach, the MMA fighter apparently decided to give one of his most prominent toenails an irrefutably feminine flush.

Of course, this was not Liddell’s first time playing up what appears to be an apparent foot fetish; the champion fighter has appeared in public with painted toenails before.

Still, the MMA legend might want to stick to what he does best – training – and focus on gaining attention with a possible comeback rather than of using his feet to draw interest.

If Liddell wants to come out of Dana White-imposed retirement, after all, he will need to prove that he still has what it takes to stay on his toes in the octagon – no matter what color they are.


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