Palms-branded high tops make a very exclusive fashion statement

Jon Gray’s exclusive sneakers by Supra had the best seat in the house at Rain on Fourth of July weekend.

While you can’t wear sneakers to the Palms’ busy clubs, you may notice a few VIPs and employees sporting very exclusive Palms-branded tennies next time you’re hanging out.

Jay-Z has a pair. DJ AM does too. And all of the Maloof brothers own pairs of the extremely limited run of the Supra Skytops made especially for the Palms and Assistant to the President Jon Gray.

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DJ AM and Jon Gray show off the Supra X Palms Hotel, one of 23 pairs made exclusively for Gray.

“I met the owner of Supra a while back, and he and his guy that runs the brand are amazing guys,” Gray said. “I really love their brand and they love the Palms. They saw what I do at the Palms and we started talking about possibly doing something together.”

Something turned out to be Gray’s own shoe, a white high top accented in lime and purple with the Palms logo stitched on the heel and “J. Gray” printed in all capitals on the inside sole. They named it the Supra X Palms Hotel.

“They actually surprised me with the shoe,” Gray explained of his birthday present from the urbanwear apparel and shoe company. “I had no idea until I had a box on my desk.”

The rest of the 23-strong run of sneakers was released July 4th, with pairs handed out to select celebrities and a few of Gray’s close friends.

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The Supra X Palms Hotel - white, lime, purple and 100 percent Palms.

“They are insane,” Gray said of his new favorite shoes, adding that his branded kicks are getting a lot of use. “I’m killing ‘em. They’re awesome.”

And Gray won’t have to give up wearing his signature sneakers when the wear and tear of casino life starts to show.

“I got a back up pair,” he laughed.

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