Discovery Channel’s Time Warp slows down Las Vegas stunts

Penn & Teller.
Penn & Teller

You may have seen Penn swallow fire, but you haven’t seen it like this: easing down his throat centimeter by centimeter as the flames emerge from inside his mouth. For a view this good you have to be Teller, or watching Discovery Channel’s Time Warp, which heads to Vegas for this Wednesday’s episode.

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Besides taking a very close look at Penn & Teller’s tricks and capturing them in super slow motion, Time Warp’s curious hosts, Jeff Lieverman and Matt Kearney, will cavort with the Fuel Girls, the wild leather-and-chains vixens who specialize in dancing with fire while looking hot and hardcore. Time Warp’s cameras will capture their latest stunts, including one called the “naked burn,” in tantalizing slow motion. Use your imagination, gentlemen.


Beyond the Weekly
Time Warp

After all that fire, Jeff and Matt will need water, which they will find plenty of in their behind-the-scenes tour of Cirque du Soleil’s 0. Even if you’ve caught these acts before, seeing them on Time Warp will offer new insight into the intricate beauty and elaborate processes that make them possible.

Discovery’s Time Warp travels around the world to capture ordinary and extraordinary actions—a hummingbird’s fluttering wings, a cheerleader tossed upwards, a UFC fighter’s face distorted by a square punch to the jaw—in ultra slow motion, so we can fully appreciate the details of progressions that normally occur too fast for our natural senses to process. Catch the “Las Vegas: Warped” episode of Time Warp on June 17th, at 8 and 11 p.m. on Discovery.


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