Rejection: Holly Madison “turned away” from Body English

Holly Madison at CHI Theater in Planet Hollywood.
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Holly Madison’s night on the town turned sour Sunday when it was revealed that one of the girls in her entourage was underage.

Madison, 29, was looking forward to a much-overdue girls’ night out prior to the run-in.

“Girls night out 2night! Haven't had one in so long! “Can't wait!” she posted to her Twitter account on Sunday evening.

A few hours later, however, the former Girls Next Door star was apparently “turned away” by security at Body English at the Hard Rock “because a fellow playmate she was with was caught sneaking in for being under age (sic).”

The situation was made public via the Hard Rock’s official Twitter page. The identity of Madison’s young friend has not been released.

However, there’s been confusion over some Hef-centric vocabulary. Madison is not a Playmate: While she was once Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner’s play thing of choice and has appeared in the iconic magazine, she was never given the “Playmate” title.

“Playmate” is the official title reserved for “Playmate of the Month” models.

Two of Madison’s good friends, Laura Croft (July 2008 Playmate of the Month) and Allison Waite (May 2006 Playmate of the Month) have been given the title, but both are of legal age, 26 and 27-years-old, respectively.

Croft was with Madison last night; Waite was not.

Aside from two of Hefner’s current girlfriends, 19-year-old twins Karissa and Kristina Shannon, the only former Playmate of the Month who is not yet 21-years-old is Spencer Scott.

Scott, 20, was named Playmate of the Month in October 2007.

While Madison’s spokesman, Steve Flynn, declined to say who was with his client last night, he said Scott and the Shannon sisters were not among the crowd.

“It wasn’t Spencer Scott, I’ve never heard of Spencer Scott… (And) it wasn’t the Shannon Twins,” he said.

Because of their age, the Shannon twins did not accompany Hefner on either of his visits to the Playboy Club this year.

The magnate celebrated his 83rd birthday at the sexy nightspot at the Palms in April, and Playmate of the Year a month later, in May.

Flynn said the situation at Body English involving Madison was a simple and honest mistake.

“She wasn’t trying to get away with anything (and) wasn’t trying to sneak the girl into the club,” he said.

“When (the friend) got turned away (she and Holly) didn’t raise hell or anything … they just turned around and went back to Planet Hollywood,” he said.

Madison is staying in a suite at Planet Hollywood as she prepares to reprise Kelly Monaco’s role in Peepshow.

Flynn said Madison “honestly forgot that (her friend) wasn’t 21.”

“They’ve been out to different places before in town, but just not to a club,” he said. “It was just an honest mistake.”

Representatives from the Hard Rock Hotel and Body English were contacted today but did not have additional information.


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