A Corona facial that’s ounces from ordinary

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Stick a Corona sign out front and watch them come.

“It’s a really popular treatment,” says Sparkle Drebert, the Rio Salon & Spa Manager, of her newest offering. “They’re coming in from the pool and they want a cocktail. They see the sign outside that says ‘Corona’ and come in. People really want to know if they can drink.”

The salon isn’t doubling as a bar, but it is offering two new services for the summer, the Corona Facial and the Mojito Pedicure, which use alcoholic drinks as beauty treatments.

Drebert claims that the beer masque is indeed edible, if you are inclined to stick out your tongue for a lick, but if you really want a drink, the food and beverage department will bring the cocktail of your choice over for you to sip on while you’re pampered.

Spa Mixes Summer Drinks Into Treatments

“It hydrates the skin,” Drebert claims of the beer, which is mixed with egg whites to create a firming masque.

Beer contains pantothenic acid and vitamin B complex, which is good for the skin and the hair. Any beer would probably do the trick, says Derbert, but “Corona says summer.”

With that, the spa attendant cracked a chilled Corona and mixed it in a bowl with the egg whites to form a paste. She brushed it on the face of a prone woman cocooned in a towel, who remarked that the white film on her face “smelled good” and “tingles.”

The spa’s other booze-based treatment is the mojito pedicure, which incorporates a moisturizing mint foot mask and a tropical lime scrub. Drebert says it has a “romantic smell” and is quite refreshing.

The Corona facial ($130) and the mojito pedicure ($90) are exclusive treatments you won’t find anywhere else in Las Vegas, or possibly anywhere else in the United States. Drebert discovered the treatments at a resort in the Bahamas and decided to bring them to Vegas since, “In Vegas, we’re all about the cocktails.”

The Rio Salon & Spa offers special alcohol-inspired treatments for every season. In winter, they have a champagne and caviar spa treatment planned, and year-round you can enjoy the antioxidant properties of wine-inspired lines. Who knew that something so bad for your liver could be so good for your looks?

The salon aims not just to rejuvenate guests, but to leave them feeling like they just got back from a mini-vacay to the Bahamas. “Imagine you’re on an island,” says Drebert. “We want to transport you somewhere else.”

But don’t try the liquored treatments at home—Drebert says if you break open a bottle and douse yourself you’ll simply end up sticky.

The scintillating effects of the Corona facial will only last a week or two, but jokes Drebert, ”It will last longer than your hangover.”

The treatments are offered until Labor Day. Locals receive a 20 percent discount.


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