Prostitution is back!

Wassa Coulibaly’s Art of Prostitution is in its second run at the Onyx Theatre.

The oldest profession is once again being redefined, thanks to Zumanity co-star Wassa Coulibaly’s very sexy-yet-playful play-in-progress, The Art of Prostitution.

The hour-long production has been tweaked and re-tweaked several times now, but Coulibaly and her cast of Strip show entertainers, including performers from KA, O, Zumanity, Believe, and Le Rêve, are back once again to allure and arouse late night audiences


Art of Prostitution
June 29, 1 a.m., $20 (June 30)
Onyx Theatre
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The scantily-clad cast will take to the Onyx Theater’s stage at 1 a.m. the night of June 29th (technically the morning of June 30th) to tempt, tease and perhaps teach ticketholders a thing or two about buying, selling and sharing love.

Through its numerous incarnations, The Art of Prostitution has consistently sold out and tickets for the upcoming single-night showing of the latest version are just as limited (the venue seats just 96 people, after all). Still, advance passes are available online and at the Rack for $20.

Otherwise, those interested can join the crowd and stand in line outside the Sahara Avenue sex shop on Monday and hope for the best.

And if all the tickets are gone by the time you reach the front of the line, you can always get your Monday night voyeuristic fix a few doors over, at the Green Door, where some other very-different-yet-still-very-sexy times await.


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