My name is canceled

That crowbar isn’t going to help you get back into NBC’s good graces.

It’s a sad day for redneck comedy lovers. NBC has announced that we will no longer be able to enjoy the antics of Earl, Randy, Catalina, Joy and Crabman. After a four season run, the network has pulled the plug on My Name is Earl. Say goodbye to that ridiculous mustache; the ride is over.

For those of you not lowering your flags to half mast and rapidly donning black, Earl was a rare bird. It featured Jason Lee as Earl, an off-kilter guy trying to earn good karma through righting his wrongs. Situations often went from strange to simply absurd, but no matter how ridiculous the scenario, it was always funny.

That's about the expression on our faces when we heard the news.

That's about the expression on our faces when we heard the news.


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My Name is Earl

Alas, getting hooked on a TV show is like getting addicted to a seasonal item at Starbucks. Why can’t you just always have the peppermint whipped cream? Earl was by no means groundbreaking television, but it was a perfect accompaniment to a stay-home dinner and ideal for just hanging out.

For southern transplants like myself, Earl was also a slice of home, an over exaggerated, stereotypical, royally f-ed up slice of home. The lead role of Earl Hickey seemed made for former pro skateboarder Lee, and Earl’s ex, Joy (Jamie Pressley), brought enough redneck attitude for a double wide. Her nasally twang, while grating on the ears, was perfect for the role.

However, the brilliant casting and hilarious characters weren’t enough to keep Earl off the chopping block. And the Emmy award-winning show wasn’t the only series to the get the ax this week. Samantha Who, Prison Break, Kath and Kim, The Unit and Medium all were recently canceled.


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