Top secret Top Chef

Top Chef New York contestants get down to business. Top Chef Las Vegas may bring in new business for local restaurants.

Sometimes a secret is so good it’s hard to keep.

You know the kind: It’s so exciting it just begs to be spilled.

I’ve got one of those big burning secrets right now. And it’s a juicy one, let me tell you. Delicious, even.

Alas, I am a good secret-keeper and my lips will remain sealed. For a few months, at least.

The spicy secret in question stems from a top secret Top Chef filming that I may or may not have attended last night.

It’s no secret that the hit Bravo series is currently shooting its sixth season in Las Vegas. All the details surrounding locations, challenges and chef contestants, however, are – and are being closely guarded.

Since I may or may not have signed a multiple-page waiver promising my first-born son, the shirt off my back, and what remains of my soul if I violate the confidentiality agreement, I really can’t say what I may or may not have seen, heard, or tasted last night. Even though I really, really, want to.


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I can say, however, that the episode that may or may not result from the filming that may or may not have taken place last night will air this fall.

This means I’m going to have to keep all details about the event that I may or may not have experienced last night on the DL until then.

Don’t bother calling or e-mailing for dirt or details; all I’m going to say about what I may or may not have experienced last night can be found in these surely annoying, sweeping generalities.

There’s really nothing more for me to say, anyway, other than it was delicious. (Well, for the most part – but more on that later. And by later, I mean five or so months.)

I can assure you, however, that come this fall, I will spill the (tasty) beans and dish about the delectable dishes that I may or may not have tasted last night.

Until then, though, I’m licking my lips and keeping them sealed.

Meanwhile, in other, totally public Top Chef news, one of the show’s judges, Toby Young, has revealed in his blog for the that he is currently staying at M Resort. Young has also mentioned visiting the Luxor [and a local strip club] on his blog, and has written about his newfound and unexpected love for Las Vegas, too: “If it wasn’t for the fact that I’ve developed a chronic gambling habit, I would quite like to live here,” he wrote last weekend.

Also of note: An All-Star version of Top Chef, Top Chef Mastersfeaturing Vegas’ own Rick Moonen (of RM Seafood), Roy Yamaguchi (owner of Roy’s) and Hubert Keller (of Fleur de Lys of Burger Bar), as well as former Lavo head chef, Ludo Lefebvre – will premiere in two weeks time, on June 10.


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