The ultimate homecoming proposal via YouTube

We’d bet no one rapped her homecoming proposal in 1957.
Photo: Duke Yearlook / Flickr

Ah, high school. We all remember it - those awkward adolescent years that some of us now look back on as our glory days and others look back on and cringe. Regardless of your nostalgic viewpoint, however, there is one thing that all of us pre 2003 graduates can be thankful for: Our personal lives weren’t broadcast via YouTube.

Today, things have changed. Exhibit A: The Homecoming Proposal.

During homecoming season kiddies across the valley try desperately to dream up new exciting ways to ask out their dates. There are two objectives when plotting the ultimate homecoming proposal. First, make it such a public display that the girl will be ridiculed for the next four years if she says no. Second, win the respect of your classmates by crafting the most hilarious spectacle possible.

When I was in high school, the most common solution to this adolescent conundrum was simple: Deface your potential date’s car with all the household condiments you can find. (If they smelled awful, all the better.)

I remember one particular afternoon spent at the car wash scrubbing off the evidence of the date I had just agreed to (and yes, it was one of those “I don’t know how to say no, so I guess I’m stuck saying yes” situations).

Today, things have taken a turn towards the cleaner and higher-tech. Check out this YouTube gem from my brother, Scott, and his friends at Green Valley High School. Instead of just embarrassing the girl in question in front of the whole school, they put her on the spot in view of the World Wide Web with an original rap song and music video.

Homecoming Rap - from

What girl could say no to a music video shot and edited in her honor? So, like my condiment-covered car, the video achieved its goal. She said yes.


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