A low moment in higher ed

Photo: April Corbin

Here at the Weekly we understand that the digital divide is real, and we accept that some people — mostly old ones — might need an actual class to conquer it. We support anything that teaches the basics — err, the basic, apparently — of the web, especially if it means those people might eventually bookmark LasVegasWeekly.com (not to mention post a comment or two).

However, we are slightly concerned by the “helpful” endnote used in UNLV’s Continuing Education catalog for the course “Exploring the Internet.”

“For more information, e-mail...”

If they knew how to e-mail you, UNLV, they wouldn’t need to take a $95 course (plus parking permit fee!) on how to set up a Yahoo account and master the art of CTRL-C.

We can forgive the oversight; we know higher ed is going through some rough — make that really, really rough — times right now. We just hope your potential students don’t notice and take offense. Don’t worry; we won’t tell them, and we are pretty positive they aren’t reading this blog right now.


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