Be my Valentweet

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Saying “BE MINE” simply isn’t enough anymore. Romance has gone 2.0, upgraded from the beta days of chivalry and sonnets, and even those iconic Valentine’s Day treats known as candy hearts (or conversation hearts) have been affected.

Welcome to love in 2010.

Case in point: “TWEET ME,” the latest phrase to be found splashed across a candy heart.

I know I shouldn’t be surprised. NECCO introduced “FAX ME” into their Sweethearts brand during the early ’90s, and “TEXT ME” was used by other brands years later. Still, it seems wrong. Twitter in the lexicon of love? Really?

The micro-blogging site isn’t even known for gratuitous hook-ups like MySpace or causing relationship drama like Facebook, and the 140-character maximum limits the amount of inappropriate sexual banter one can have (I know, I’ve tried). Still, somehow Twitter may well be the first social network to appear on the iconic candy treats, unless there’s a “POKE ME" or a “UR IN MY TOP 8” I’ve missed during my extensive research in the CVS checkout line.

I appreciate businesses trying to keep up with the times, but some things don’t need updating. After all, nothing says “TRUE LOVE” as literally or figuratively as a piece of heart-shaped candy with phrase “TRUE LOVE” printed right on it.


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