Five notes and quotes from Lavo on NYE

Not even Napoleon would use public Carmex!
Photo: Allison Duck

1. Besides Napoleon Dynamite, whose lips really hurt that bad? As my newfound friend of the evening, Andrea Peterson of Tulsa, Okla., so astutely pointed out while we waited in the ladies' room line, "Now, I understand the perfume and the mints, but who walks into the ladies room, sees the Carmex and decides they just have to use that?"

2. Why do ladies so often pawn their purses off on their dates? I know we're not kangaroos, but there are places to stuff your phone, lipstick and ID — that's what bras and boots are for! When headed out to a club (and especially when hitting your packed club-o-choice on NYE), imagine you're going hiking and don't pack more than you are willing or able to carry.

3. Nothing says tourist like an oversized Bud bottle full of a mysterious fruity drink. This group took it to the next level and brought along edible party favors for their fellow club-goers in the form of a giant container of Goldfish. They were happily (err, drunkenly) handing out crackers to those exiting Lavo. I'm sure the snack was much appreciated by the bleary-eyed revelers.

4. There's one in every crowd. (The guy in the hat, not the one lunging to demonstrate his ability to enjoy beer and deep knee bends simultaneously. Although, there's one of those in every crowd, too.) One guest took on the role of unpaid entertainer and attempted to breakdance in the middle of the patio. Slap some opinionated folks in folding chairs, round up a few like-minded individuals and you've got yourself a dance contest.

5. What happened to this guy? Half the fun of staying sober — and working — on New Year's Eve is having the presence of mind to fully appreciate moments like this one. Hunched over the hotel check in desk with an indiscriminate smudge on his back, the possibilities of how this chap ended up in such sorry shape are too good not to relish. Use your imagination.


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