A second helping of gr8pl8ts

Susan Summers’ plate reflects her height—5 feet.

Lesson of the week: Ask and you shall receive.

In last week’s cover story, “GR8PL8T,” I wrote about the inevitable questions that pop into people’s heads when they see custom license plates. Pulling from the random plates I’d seen on the streets, I pondered, Why is there an Infiniti G35 with the plate PORCHE?

Well, Jasmine Porche answered that question for me. The plate refers to her last name. (In hindsight, duh!) Plus, the super-sexy carmaker has an S in it — not that proper spelling is ever a requirement for license plates.

The PPL Behind the PL8S

Porche was one of two-dozen or so people who commented or e-mailed in response to the story on our site or Facebook page. She thanked me for the shout-out. Others (a little vainly, I might add) expressed sadness that their custom plates weren’t included. My apologies to CYIPRAY, CLEEPA and the 171,000+ people I couldn’t mention.

Over on Facebook, followers told us about the funniest and most clever plates they’ve witnessed on the roadways. BUKKAKE was mentioned twice. Sadly, that tag is now on the DMV’s banned list. Other awesome reader finds: ICVJJ, TIGOBTY and N OY NG, which as follower Chris Temple pointed out is really annoying until you figure it out. My personal favorite came from Jerry Supiran, who said he saw the plate BLONDE put on upside down.

Now, if only the owner of WEEKLY would e-mail us...


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