Words from the fast lane

Danica Patrick prepares for the NASCAR Nationwide Series Sam’s Town 300 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on Feb. 26, 2010.
Photo: Erik Kabik/Retna/www.erikkabikphoto.com

The Weekly crashed the tailgating madness at Las Vegas Motor Speedway this weekend in hopes of having deep revelations on life in the fast lane. We failed, but here’s some funny stuff we overheard:

“I took my man bag off...” — a man telling someone over the phone about how he lost his sunglasses.

Vegas is just one line after another.” — tourists waiting in a snaking line of thousands waiting for shuttle busses back to their hotel.

It this a good job?” “It’s a job...” — a drunk man leaving the stadium and a vendor selling T-shirts for $5.

I don’t remember being next to a helicopter.” — someone trying to find their car after Sunday’s big race.

Drop your beer and go long!” — a man throwing a football to a friend in the RV park.

Oh. Em. Gee.” — a Kim Kardashian-type, limping in her stiletto boots, as she sees the taxi line.

What’s the worst part about pregnancy?” — a woman to a female friend, because no time is the wrong time to talk about pregnancy.

The U.S. won the most gold medals! Woo!” — a man, remembering that NASCAR isn’t the only sport going on right now, screaming while walking toward the taxi line.


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