Uncork’d and uninhibited

Serve-your-own sake at the Shinkasen to Shibuya Vegas Uncork’d party.
Photo: Sarah Feldberg

Last night, Vegas Uncork'd got naughty.

I don't mean that the diners sitting down at Guy Savoy, Rao's, Mesa Grill and Bradley Ogden had a few too many glasses of their paired wines, though undoubtedly, that happened too. I'm talking fur bikini, ice-blonde wig naughty. Loud music, scantily clad women naughty. You know, Vegas-style bad behavior.

As much fun as the food and wine weekend is — and as Bobby Flay reminded us yesterday, chefs can party — the sanctioned events usually have maintained a fairly high-brow take on the good life. Uncork'd gets crazy over glasses of Cabernet, not Irish Car Bombs.

Fur bikinis at Vegas Uncork'd? Why not, I say.

So, Thursday's Shinkasen to Shibuya afterhours event came as a bit of a surprise. The sake tasting party had all the trappings of a Vegas shindig along with plenty of food fest-i-ness. Music? Pumping and DJ-provided. Alcohol? Flowing freely via long rows of sake bottles with self-serve pipettes for tasting purposes. Women? Models, including Wet Republic staffer and Weekly Beautiful Person, Chris Cavanaugh, who looked lovely in a sailor get-up as she served sake shots and paw-shaped cookies. Oddly, the Tokyo-inspired party channeled Las Vegas better than almost any other festival event.

Wet Republic cocktail server and Weekly model Chris Cavanaugh.

Hey, Uncork'd. Your Vegas is showing.

Also showing at last night's Master's Series media tour was Bitchin' Kitchen host Nadia Giosia's, well, bitchin'-ness. The cookbook author and Food Network Canada personality dressed for the evening in a matching spandex pinstripe suit complete with black lace gloves and a ring for leaving the word "bitchin'" stamped on the faces of fresh chefs. I'm guessing whatever she pulls out for the Grand Tasting will be equally entertaining. Though, perhaps the most fashionable look for tonight is the pristine white coat with two rows of buttons up the front that most of the chefs will be wearing. For Uncork'd at least, it doesn't get much hotter than being a top chef.

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