Family-friendly ‘Burlesque’ competition proves Vegas knows sexy

Christina Aguilera in Burlesque

Holding a nationwide dance competition to promote upcoming movie Burlesque (out Thanksgiving weekend, starring Christina Aguilera and Cher) is pretty “duh!” marketing, but it’s yielded noteworthy results. Namely, that out of the 20 finalists (one from each city in which competitions were held) only one dancer’s performance was actually burlesque.

One guess where she’s from.

Yes, Vegas finalist Anna N. kept the competition sexy, forgoing pirouettes and ballet slippers for sexy strutting and tease. It’s the most PG striptease you’ll ever see—“family friendly” was a rule—but she still manages to make one of the judges squirm in his seat.

Check out the video here, and vote for Anna N.—you can do so once a day until November 11 and help her shimmy her way to the $5,000 grand prize. Then, once again, Vegas can rejoice in being far sexier than Cleveland, Ohio.


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