Kevin Gillespie’s beard for president!

A man. A beard. A love of pork. Kevin!
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Wednesday night on part 1 of the Top Chef: Las Vegas season finale from Napa, Kevin mentioned a Facebook page in support of his beard. Indeed, Fans of Kevin Gillespie's Beard is one of many – and one of the most coherent – oddball fan pages out there. You can also become a friend of Disney Princesses Gave me Unrealistic Expectations For Men and Hair, for example, but Kevin’s beard and its fans are a lot less negative and bitter. (Yes, we wish we had hair like Ariel, too. OK?)

The beard, according to the fan page, is the “majestic art which adorns his face. It deserves its own special mention.” Majestic isn’t quite the word I’d use – I like Kevin’s endearing gnome-like quality that makes me want to stick a conical hat on him and set him up in the front yard – but it definitely struts the line between mountain man and mere human. As far as rooting for the southern chef himself, Fans of Kevin Gillespie’s Beard are non-biased Top Chef watchers. “We do not officially promote Kevin to win! We would be equally happy if any other Top Chef Contestant won,” claims the site. However, in the event that the beard learns to braise meat and whip up pumpkin polenta, the site says “what would please us the most is for Kevin's *beard* to win.” Good luck with that one.

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