Top Chef Odds Week 9: Restaurant Wars

Tom Colicchio, “Food & Wine Editor-in-Chief Dana Cowin, Toby Young, Charlie Palmer and Padma Lakshmi prepare to sample Kevin’s elimination-challenge winning dish.

Tonight knives will come out, egos will flare and illusions of grandeur will die in a flurry of flames on the burners at RM Seafood. "Top Chef" institution Restaurant Wars will play out on this evening's episode as the remaining chef'testants split into teams to create restaurants and do culinary battle. For the past two weeks, Sir Red Beard, Kevin Gillespie, has reigned over "Top Chef: Las Vegas" with his nonchalant style and upscale comfort food. Will he continue his rule, or will the pressure of the infamous challenge prove too much for the laid back Southern boy? Wynn Las Vegas Director of Race & Sports Operations Johnny Avello's odds are in Gillespie's favor. Who's your money on?

Chef'testant Opening Odds Last Week This Week
Kevin Gillespie 8/1 2/1 2/1
Michael Voltaggio 11/1 3/1 5/2
Jennifer Carroll 20/1 5/2 3/1
Bryan Voltaggio 15/1 5/1 5/1
Eli Kirshtein 22/1 25/1 18/1
Michael Isabella 25/1 12/1 25/1
Laurine Wickett 14/1 20/1 50/1
Robin Leventhal 28/1 50/1 75/1
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