Top Chef Odds Week 7: Betting on the breakdown

Jennifer gets to work on homemade pasta during “Top Chef: Las Vegas”.
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On last week’s episode of Top Chef the word was “deconstruction” – the breaking down of a dish into its components for a completely new plate that tastes surprisingly familiar. It proved an opportunity to shine for chefs like Michael Voltaggio, Jennifer, Ashley and episode winner Kevin. But for other competitors, the challenge caused a deconstruction of a different kind. Ron, in particular, struggled to break down a classic paella, and the likeable chef was told to pack his knives and go.

Every week as the chef’testants slice, sauté and strategize, another kind of deconstruction is going on. Wynn Las Vegas’ Director of Director of Race & Sports Operations Johnny Avello deconstructs the performances of the chefs and formulates odds based on what he sees and how he thinks each will perform in the future. If you’re at the bottom of Avello’s list, it’s time to step up or pack up.

Chef'testant Opening Odds Last Week This Week
Michael Voltaggio 11/1 2/1 2/1
Jennifer Carroll 20/1 7/2 7/2
Kevin Gillespie 8/1 9/2 4/1
Bryan Voltaggio 15/1 5/1 8/1
Ashley Merriman 30/1 25/1 12/1
Michael Isabella 25/1 12/1 15/1
Laurine Wickett 14/1 20/1 25/1
Eli Kirshtein 22/1 30/1 30/1
Ash Fulk 35/1 40/1 40/1
Robin Leventhal 28/1 60/1 50/1
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