Size Matters at First

Photo: Nicole Villoria

Size Matters @ First Food and Bar

First Food and Bar is like the Wynn koi pond: You can hang out on the Strip for a year and never cross its path. But if you can find it (it’s in the Palazzo, next to Barneys, down the hallway), and if you’re hungry, then cross its path you must.

On Saturday night, First held a six-minute burger-eating contest to celebrate its Size Matters late-night menu, which includes a 21-ounce burger called “The Big Dobranski.” It comes with cheese, six pieces of bacon, and half an avocado. The burger was named after Mike Dobranski, because he was the only guy to ever finish it. Dobranski frequents First and serves as its unofficial mascot—the anti-Jared Fogle.

Around 11 p.m., I sat down with eight of the nine competitive eaters. I ordered the Duck Reuben Egg Roll appetizer (served with “1001” Island dressing). I was at the bar when the server brought the food to the table, and it was gone by the time I got to my seat. The competitive eaters had eaten it.

The Details

First Food & Bar
3327 Las Vegas Blvd, Suite 2812
(Inside The Shoppes at the Palazzo)

I requested a second plate, along with a Cotton Candy Kiss martini, made with 42 Below vodka, elderflower, vanilla, Life Savers, and a “fluffy finish.” (Get your mind out of the gutter; the “fluffy finish” is a ball of pink cotton candy, not a happy ending for furries.)

At midnight, M.C. Dobranski introduced the nine contestants to a crowd of 100. The First servers brought out nine trays of 20 burgers. Bigger than White Castles, smaller than Whoppers.

After six minutes, Daniel the dishwasher had put away 14 burgers and change. He was the clear winner. We celebrated his victory with fried chicken and waffles (served with Wild Turkey American Honey Bourbon Maple syrup). Then we went home and resolved to never ever ever eat again.


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