The new hotness: Baristas in bras not included

Korean taco stand 9091 inherits Sexxxpresso’s coffee cup

Caffeine boost? Not here. The former home of Sexxxpresso now serves Korean tacos.
Photo: Christopher DeVargas
Jim Begley

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670 E. Flamingo, 221-9091
Monday-Saturday, 10 a.m.-9 p.m.

Ever had the insatiable desire for Korean tacos from a ridiculously large espresso cup? You can satisfy it at 9091, the old Sexxxpresso stand previously staffed by lingerie-clad baristas. The very limited menu includes tacos ($2), burritos ($6) and tortas ($7), along with varying specials such as burgers and wings. Each comes with crunchy, sweet, razor-thin shoestring sweet potato fries; try ’em on your taco. Still, I’d prefer if they were made to order.

The protein choices are chicken, beef and tofu, with regular, spicy and Korean barbecue style preparation options for each. Regular is somewhat mundane, but spicy offers some tasty kick, and Korean barbecue offers a perfect smoky/sweet blend. I suggest you make liberal use of the incredible housemade hot sauce—a blended sauce that includes Tapatio and a secret Korean spice mix. Hot enough to make us shed a tear in our fusion food for the hotties who sacrificed so 9091 may live.


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