You may now kiss the bread

Capriotti’s celebrates the Bobbie with “Holy Caprimony”

This Bobbie gets around.
Photo: Allison Duck

“Love is slow-roasted and hand-pulled. Love is as soft as stuffing and as sweet as cranberry sauce. Love is forever.”

These were the touching words die-hard Capriotti’s fans heard just before pledging themselves to their beloved Bobbies — the Thanksgiving-on-a-bun sandwich that is a favorite at the award-winning chain.

About 200 sandwich enthusiasts lined up to pledge their undying love to the Bobbie, which was dressed in a little tuxedo or veil, depending on your desired gender. One man in a red corset and wig chose to marry both. The man next to him took a phone call at the start of the ceremony, agitatedly yelling, “I’m getting married!” into the phone before slamming it shut and gazing lovingly into his sandwich’s wrapper.

Other costumes included a mariachi outfit, crazy Dr. Seuss hats and, of course, the traditional tuxedo. The gentleman in the tux brought a basket full of small, wrapped-up loaves of bread because he wanted the “baby Bobbies” to participate in the ceremony. Apparently he was in favor of premarital snacks.

Brenda Gallagher declared her undying love for the Bobbie because, “It is the best sandwich in Las Vegas, the best sandwich in the world. At Thanksgiving, you don’t have to make the turkey; just get a Bobbie.”

The kooky costumes and actual marriage certificates were in honor of Capriotti’s TV ad campaign featuring a man actually marrying his lunchtime favorite.

Holy Caprimony @ The Little White Wedding Chapel

“We thought it would be a great way to continue the commercial campaign,” said Capriotti’s President Ashley Morris. “We wanted to see how much fun we could have with something like this.”

A lot of fun, it turned out. As is customary at the Little White Wedding Chapel, the ceremonies were streamed live online so friends and family could share in the breaded, er, wedded bliss. Participants also could have their pictures taken in the gazebo with the requisite Elvis impersonator.

One groom gobbled up his bride minutes after saying “I do” and asked, “Does this make me a widower?”

The bride or groom who had the most creative wedding ensemble will enjoy free Bobbies for a year. Stay tuned to Twitter and Facebook as the winner will be announced in the next day or two.


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