PMG’s lodge goes lounge

Will the third time be a charm for Company?

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In a brief statement released Thursday, Pure Management Group announced its intention to convert Company Kitchen & Pub House at the Luxor into Company Lounge, “a casual nightlife venue.”

When Company Kitchen & Pub House becomes Company Lounge, will there still be food on those tables?

When Company Kitchen & Pub House becomes Company Lounge, will there still be food on those tables?

This is the second such change for the 11,000 square-foot venue, which opened in November 2007 as Company American Bistro. Originally helmed by Chef Adam Sobel (formerly of Restaurant Guy Savoy, currently executive chef of RM Seafood), the über-chic, ski lodge-inspired venue’s opening celebrity investor lineup included such Hollywood luminaries as Nick Lachey, Nicky Hilton and Wilmer Valderrama. Following Chef Sobel’s March 2008 departure—as well as that of Top Chef’s foam-of-famer Marcel Vigneron—Company briefly shut down to transform into the more approachable, American tapas iteration we see today.

In a sort of foreshadowing half-step toward this week’s decision, Company launched in July 2009 a more club-focused late-night dining menu, available 10:30 p.m. to 2 a.m., further weaving together PMG’s dual worlds of dining and nightlife (neighboring nightlife behemoth LAX and petite Noir Bar being Company’s original littermates).


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In Thursday’s statement, a PMG representative reports that the ensuing Company Lounge schedule will cut back from the resto’s currently advertised Wednesday through Sunday, 5 p.m.-late, to just “Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evenings.” According to Luxor’s restaurant reservations department, Company will be ceasing operations as Company Kitchen & Pub House after March 27; between now and then, dining reservations can only be made for March 24, 26 and 27. The rep goes on to say that Company Lounge “will offer patrons signature cocktails.”

So, act quickly if you have a thing for Company’s famed Fried Mashed Potato Sticks, the Pig and Peas Mac and Cheese, or the Chocolate Truffle Lollipops—there is no word yet about whether the venue’s hitherto integral food component will endure after the changeover or if that, like Marcel’s foams, will be parting Company.


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