Chicago Brewing Company rolls out wild game sliders

Wild boar sliders at Chicago Brewing Company
Photo: Beverly Poppe
Jim Begley

Ever get the urge to eat exotic meats? Chicago Brewing Company—in conjunction with local meat emporium Butcher Block—spares you the permit fees and threat of physical harm associated with hunting by bringing tasty big game right to you. A new menu feature offers a selection of six sliders—alligator, antelope, buffalo, jackalope (rabbit and antelope meat mixed together), rabbit and wild boar. A trio of sliders (no mixing!) costs $16, and if that seems like a lot, keep in mind that these are 100 percent critter (no beef filler here), maintaining the game’s natural characteristics.


Chicago Brewing Company
2201 S. Fort Apache, 254-3333. Game sliders served daily, 11 a.m.-11 p.m.

The buffalo is the most approachable given its beef-like qualities, plus it’s much lower in fat. It comes with jalapeño jelly and chipotle mayonnaise, which provide a nice kick and subdued smokiness, respectively, while buffalo mozzarella (get it? buffalo ...) rounds out the dish. Those wary of game would do well to start here.

A little more challenging is the alligator; it’s served with a basted egg and little cocktail sword with which to break the yolk, and the result is a delicious mess. The remoulade sauce and Cajun seasoning add good kick to what is otherwise a pretty mellow meat (think ground chicken). A stark contrast to the gator is the robust and gamey wild boar. Red currant jelly and sharp cheddar cheese complement the strong flavor of the meat, and the final product is well rounded. But no matter which of God’s creatures you choose to partake of, you shouldn’t leave disappointed. These sliders will only leave you wishing Noah had managed to get those pesky unicorns on board ...


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